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Work on your screenplay. Work like a pro.

Be your own
script doctor

Want more impact in contests? And higher marks from industry readers?

A great story, with great characters, dialog and action is great.

But not great enough.

Script readers read DOWN the page. You need to help them do that faster & easier.

You need to turn every page of your screenplay into a water slide.

Learn how.  Here.

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Filmmakers of all stripes can meet, enjoy and discuss work by emerging screenwriters, per-formed by top acting and voice talent.

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Five-round story Rumble

Five weeks, five classes, 10 pages. Wrestle your story to the mat using relationships, conflict and stakes. Deliver a full-body slam to readers with the essentials of screenplay craftmanship.

Geof Miller is a writer, producer, development consultant and teacher of screenwriting. His classes at the University of Washington and Seattle University were described by students as “inspiring,” “enlightening,” and “f*cking awesome!”








Dan Meade is an Instructional Designer who has designed,  and implemented face-to-face workshops, leadership development programs and online learning for a globally diverse audience of over 22,000 people.

ScreenPlay combines Geof's 30 years of hard-won industry knowledge and 12 years teaching screenwriting with Dan's experience in creating compelling educational experiences for a global audience. The result is a new type of screenwriting class that sets a new standard.

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