About ScreenPlay

A different type of screenwriting class

In ScreenPlay there are no templates or formulas, because great screenplays color outside the lines.

No assigned scripts.  Read every script you can get your hands on, but if we do an in-depth analysis for the whole class of the hero's journey in ALIENS, all we've done is teach you how to write that movie--and it's already been written.

Film clips only for fun and to remember why we sit down to write.  For the same reasons as above.

Instead, you'll use exercises custom-tailored to get the beats of your screen story down on paper. You'll write and write, from the first five minutes of your class onward. 

You'll receive and give curated feedback that will help you look at your screenplay from different angles while putting name and purpose to the elements of screen story you already know in your bones.

To sort this all out, you'll learn how to run sanity checks to measure how your choices support or oppose the heart of your story.

All ScreenPlay classes are built around three truths

We learn by doing

All classes emphasize guided in-class writing exercises customized on-the-fly to meet the needs of individual student.  These same exercises become a writer's toolkit for your next script and your next.

You'll make real progress on your story and script every week. And as you do you'll learn how story and screenplay are thought about and worked on in the industry.

Great screenplays come from passion


​Every great script starts with a story that grabs you and won’t let go.  Structure is a diagnostic tool, not a recipe. Templates and formulas squelch the happy accidents that can lead to great characters, moments or plot twists. 

We all know how screen stories work

We’ve seen so much film and TV, it’s in our DNA.  To learn how to write a great script you need a robust set of tools and a safe place to play with them.