About ScreenPlay

We learn by doing
You'll work on your story using practical exercises to help you create a stronger personal voice, while learning how various aspects of screenwriting work together.

You'll make real progress every class session, getting the beats of your screen story down on paper while learning who your characters really are. These same exercises become a writer's toolkit for your next script and your next.

Great scripts come from passion

Every great script starts with a story that grabs you and won’t let go.  Structure is a diagnostic tool, not a recipe. Templates and formulas squelch the happy accidents that can lead to great characters, moments or plot twists. 

Structure is in our DNA

You already know how structure works. You've seen at least 25,000 hours of TV and movies. Our brains are wired to tell stories.

What you will learn is how story and screenplay are thought about and worked on in the industry, from a seasoned professional.