Marketing yourself
to hoLlywood

January, 2020

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Students pair up to practice and get feedback on their premise, logline, and elevator pitch.

Students also

  • Explored the successful screenwriter's mindset

  • Developed a synopsis and treatment

  • Wrote a query email,

  • Researched their target companies

  • Learned about cold-calling

  • Charted the major career milestones of a screenwriter

  • Broke down the major elements of an option/sale agreement

  • Created a look book for their project

  • And much more...

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We learn by doing.

Plotting a strategy for getting his script read and optioned.

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Geof and Dan confer on the outcome of an exercise, and how to use those learnings to optimize the next one.

Player cards help students explore the relationship between the players in the industry: producers, prodcos, studios and networks, managers and agents to name just a few.

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The last day.  They're celebrating their practice meetings, where they experienced the pitfalls, butterflies and opportunities of a real meet-and-greet.

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Sharing a synopsis with the group.