• Learn a fresh approach to screenplay development.
  • Use the discipline of a workshop to finish your script.
  • Get started or get unstuck.


Designed specifically for online learning. Our story-driven approach offers a more organic and intuitive way to write than rigid structures and paint-by-number formulas. 


You'll also get a toolbox full of exercises and creative techniques to generate new ideas, go deeper into character and story, and unblock whatever is blocking you.

Past students had this to say:
"A great experience"
"Best notes I’ve ever received"
"Some of the best money I ever spent"
"Make your "perfect” story much, much better"
"Takes your writing to a whole other level"
"F*cking awesome"


Treatment to ScreenPlay

  • Sliding-scale pricing

    SPG uses sliding-scale pricing based on your income.
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  • Schedule

    10 Tuesdays

    October  6th through December 15th

    No class November 24th

    7:00PM to 8:30PM