• You're bogged down in the middle of your script. You can't figure out your third act.
  • Or maybe you finished a draft and know it needs fixing--but don't how where to start.
  • You 're picking your next project and to bounce ideas off an experienced screenwriter.

You'll leave the consult refreshed and energized. But don't take my word for it. Here's what some past students have said.


  • I always left my story conferences with Geof feeling like the dust had settled and the path was visible again. -- Jackie
  • My script conference with Geof was where the adventure of completing my script truly began, with his encouragement to mine the best parts of what I had already written create the story I wanted to tell. -- Robbie
  • Geof's comments show a deep perspective of the craft, especially the subtleties that take ordinary writing to that professional level. His understanding of storytelling on screen, beyond dialogue, is exceptional. -- Mark
  • My script conference with Geof was a lively dialogue about character development and story direction that provided me with the tools and confidence I needed to write the next draft. -- Becky

One hour ScreenPlay consulting

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