Terms and COnt

This letter will serve as the present agreement between ScreenPlay Group LLC and all actors and writers who take part in SPG-sponsored readings.

  1. UNIONS: In the event one or more of the terms of this agreement are found to be in conflict with the rules or rulings of any generally-recognized union, including the WGA, SAG/AFTRA, Actors Equity, DGA, or IATSE, union rules shall prevail, provided the following two things are true:

    • The Writer or Actor is a member in good standing of that union and subject to its rules and rulings or is in the immediate process of becoming a member.

    • The union has jurisdiction in the matter.


    1. "Agreement” refers to this entire document, including any attachments. It specifically excludes any other agreement, written or verbal.

    2. SPG” refers to ScreenPlay Group LLC, a Washington Limited Liability Company, SPG Studios, affiliates, vendors and partners.

    3. "VTR” refers to the recording of a Virtual Table Read or similar reading of the Screenplay.

    4. "Screenplay” refers to the feature, TV pilot or short-film screenplay in full or in part, that is the subject of the VTR.

    5. "Actor” refers to the individual who is performing in the VTR.

    6. "Writer” refers to the author of the Screenplay.

    7. "Materials” refers to all the items required by SPG as detailed in the Writer’s checklist or Actor’s checklist, as appropriate. SPG reserves the right to revise these checklists.

    8. "SPG content” refers to all content generated by SPG in connection with the VTR.

    9. "Outlet” refers to using the VTR for educational and promotional purposes only, via any and all methods of distribution currently in use or yet to be developed, including, but not limited to, YouTube or Facebook, various postings, and downloads.


    • Writer acknowledges that SPG advised them to register the screenplay with the Writers Guild of America, west: http://www.wgawregistry.org/ before the table read.

    • Regardless, SPG will not be held liable for any infringement of the Writer’s copyright as a result of the VTR.

  4. DELIVERABLES: Writer must deliver all materials listed on the Writer’s Checklist to SPG before the VTR can be scheduled.

  5. RIGHTS:

    • Actor has the right to use portions of the VTR for purposes of their reel.

    • Any changes or additions to the screenplay that happen during the VTR, or creation of Materials or SPG content become exclusive property of the Writer.

    • The Writer retains full copyright over the Screenplay; SPG makes no claim against it, except certain rights defined in this section:

      • Perpetual rights to the VTR for use across all Outlets. For the writer, these rights will be adjusted as needed to avoid interfering with legitimate exploitation of the script as a film or TV project.

      • Exclusive perpetual rights to all SPG Content, and all SPG-generated content, including this Agreement.

    • SPG reserves the right to cast or recast any role at their sole discretion.

  6. NO PAYMENT: Actor/Writer agree they are performing in, or providing the Screenplay to, the VTR in exchange for the experience and/or promotional purposes and shall not receive monetary payment of any kind.

  7. EXPENSES: Writer/Actor shall not be reimbursed for any expenditures incurred as a result of the VTR, unless SPG approves the expense in advance, in writing.

  8. REPRESENTATIONS & WARRANTIES:  The Parties represent, warrant, and agree:

    • Each Party, to the best of their knowledge, has the sole right, power, and authority to make and enter into this Agreement without restriction or limitation.

    • They are not subject to any obligation or disability which would interfere with faithfully abiding by the terms of this Agreement.

    • Any contributions, including but not limited to: the Screenplay, performance, or any other Materials, or content supplied by them is wholly original to them or in public domain, or the Party has obtained the necessary rights.

    • Said contributions do not and will not infringe upon or violate in any way the copyright, common law rights, rights of privacy or publicity; nor constitute a libel or defamation or otherwise violate or infringe upon any right of any 3rd party.

    • Each Party shall indemnify and hold harmless the other with respect to any action, legal or otherwise, brought against the other as a result of a breach of any term of this Agreement, including these Representations & Warranties.

  9. ASSIGNMENT: Parties may not individually assign their interests in this Agreement in whole or in part, except that SPG may assign their entire interest in this agreement as part of the transfer or sale of all or part of their equity in SPG.

  10. GENERAL:  This Agreement shall become effective upon Acceptance and Agreement to the terms by the Writer or Actor; SPG having Accepted and Agreed to the terms at the time of their drafting. Terms of this Agreement are abbreviated. When and if the parties enter into a more formal agreement, terms shall be negotiated in good faith. Until such time, or in the event a more formal agreement is not executed, these terms shall fully bind the parties.

  11. DISPUTE RESOLUTION: This Agreement shall be interpreted in accordance with the laws of the State of Washington. Any claim arising out of this Agreement shall be resolved by binding arbitration in accordance with the rules and procedures of the American Arbitration Association, including service of process; and with rights of discovery, if requested by the arbitrator. Said rules and procedures are made a part of this Agreement by reference. The prevailing party shall be entitled to reasonable attorney’s fees and all decisions confirmation shall be final, binding, and non-appealable.

  12. ENTIRE AGREEMENT:  This Agreement and attachments hereto comprise the entire agreement between the Parties and there are no other promises, representations, or agreements, either verbal or in writing which shall modify or amend the terms hereof.  Unless and until such more formal agreement is executed, this agreement shall constitute the entire agreement between the parties. In acknowledgment whereof, each party has executed this agreement on this day.



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